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You are not simply reading fiction, you are bringing the authors dreams and imagination to life.

by Billiejo Priestley 

Services I offer



I can ghost write your story for you, all credit is given to you as the author.


Content Writer

I can create content for your websites, social media and more, to engage customers.


Short Stories

I can write you a short story around most genres, the story will be yours to use as you wish. 


Other services available.

I do not offer just writing services, I offer so much more then that, things that can help you in life and achieve success.


 Mentor for personal achievement

 Mentor for success

 All services.


Latest review

Great product. Would recommend to anyone!

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Joe Bloggs, Downtown, UK

Latest blog post

Lost - A sample short story - by billiejo priestley   Walking along the beach Sarah feels the warmth of the morning sun beaming down on her face, her smile quickly growing. The sound of the waves lapping onto the sand making her relax, her bare feet sinking into the sand as she looks up to the sky and smiles. Her feet suddenly leaving the floor, the waves pushing her to the ground and pulli ...
Posted by Billiejo Priestley on 28 January 2019 07:46

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