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A little bit about me

I was born on 25th October 1987 in Leeds. Passion had always been writing, and no matter where life took me, I still wrote, I just kept it hidden.
My experience is not just academically, but life. I have witnessed many things and been in so many situations, which is why I am such a great writer because I know how to convey most topics.
I'm Billiejo Priestley, an Author, Mentor and writer. I have five kids and live in the UK. Writing has and always will be my passion in life and I am a firm believer in you should chase your dreams no matter how bizarre your dreams may be.
I finished school with some GCSE's but not many; afterwards, I went to college but did not feel it was right for me, soon I began working what some would call a typical 9-5 job.In 2011 I realised I did not enjoy working, so I began making plans to work for myself, starting with something called Avon. 
After many years I did a Princes Trust enterprise cause and opened my own children's wooden toy shop, I found a lot of pleasure in working for myself running my own business but still didn't get enjoyment out of it as I did writing. I continued to write poetry and short stories. Most got thrown away as I moved houses or had a clear out. 
From 2014 I became someone who helped people and gave advice on relationships and became a mentor for people helping them to find success, change their mindset, follow their dreams and help with their self-doubts and self-esteem.  I taught people how to improve their mindsets, how to write their goals, create dream boards, and visualise what they wanted in life.
I found a lot of pleasure in helping others, but still, my writing was hidden away for no one to see, in 2014 I started sharing my poetry online, then slowly sharing my stories with everyone.

Create a better future using your past, don't let your history be the thing to drag you down, utilise it to chase your dreams and become better then you imaged you could be.

by Billiejo Priestley
In 2017 I published my books, Seductive Vibrations and found so many women reaching out and contacting me. Now when I wrote the books I did not expect the readers to feel such a connection, sure I had implemented my own life into the story in many ways but never expected any personal reviews.
I have since been getting messages on Facebook from readers explaining how much they understand the main characters stories, how my book has taught them that they can move on from what they experienced and trust again. I have had people message me saying they are still in that position and just wanting someone they feel they can talk.
My books may well be BDSM erotica, but inside it is full of backstories of the characters. Stories that relate to Rape, Domestic Abuse, Stillborns, depression, suicide, and all that is wrapped around romance, thriller and darkness. I have in a way implemented my own story in the characters, bits of my life here and there spread among the characters which I believe is why so many have found they can connect with the characters.
Since 2017 I have written more stories, I have published children's books, along with that I have created some work for others.  Short stories, ghost-writing their life story for them, ghostwriting children's books, creating blog posts, creating quotes and so much more.
I have since 2018 found that my passion is writing, and that is all I am focusing on, I don't work for anyone, I don't run a business like before, I just write, and sure it comes with its challenges, but it is a passion and a dream that I will continue to chase.
I still now mentor others, to be successful, to help them create their own stories, to change their self-esteem and a lot more.
I have previously also done a course in filming and one in website building.
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