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what is ghost-writing?

A ghostwriter is someone who writes the story for the author, whether that is a full story and idea, or a story based on the authors ideas.

A ghost writer is no longer an author, they do not accept credit for the work, if less offered. The author who has bought the service from the ghost writer is named the author of the story even if no part of the story was their idea.

Ghost-writers most commonly are authors themselves. Some authors often have ideas, plots, everything they need to create the most amazing dramatic and realistic stories, they just don't have the knowledge to put it together into something that readers will crave more of.
The authors have a powerful mind in creating stories, they just are unaware sometimes of how to write it. That is why they ask a ghost-writer to write their story for them.  Othertimes, someone wants to tell their life story and never written a story they struggle so ask a ghost-writer to writer their life story so they can publish it.

The great thing about hiring a ghost-writer? Is that you can have input into your story, once written and paid for, you have full control and full rights to use the story in which ever way you want, the ghost-writer has no rights over the content of the story.

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