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Lost - A sample short story - by billiejo priestley


Walking along the beach Sarah feels the warmth of the morning sun beaming down on her face, her smile quickly growing. The sound of the waves lapping onto the sand making her relax, her bare feet sinking into the sand as she looks up to the sky and smiles. Her feet suddenly leaving the floor, the waves pushing her to the ground and pulling her to the sea. Her screams muffled by the salty water rushing into her lungs as she fights for air. Her arms waving around trying to fight around the waves that keep dragging her down, a thick darkness looming over her as everything turns black.

Waking up, she begins to shake, her arms wrapping around her body trying to warm herself up, her body sitting up and looking around. Her eyes begin to take in the sight around her, a beautiful beach, white sands and the sea blue, the shade from the trees covering her, standing up she begins walking as her body trembles from the cold.  After a few minutes of walking along the beach she realises she is back where she started, turning she walk a different direction after about ten minutes shes back at the end of the beach.

"Help!" Her shout loud as she begins to panic realising that she is on a beach a very small island with no idea how far home is.  She looks around all she can see is the sea for miles, no other signs of beaches or islands. Giving up she collapses to the floor and begins to cry, her hands trying to comfort her. 

Posted by Billiejo Priestley on 28 January 2019 07:46

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